Premium showcase

Premium is the new line of professional display cases for ice cream, but also for pastry and pralines. perfect balance between technology and design. Premium is available in two heights of 120 and 137 cm and in three different lengths, all of which can be ducted together. Two heights for two different approaches between customer and product. Flush and barrier-free display surface for a perfect view of the product even from a distance. The ice cream display case has double ventilation refrigeration with multiple flows which improves the preservation of the ice cream and ensures a constant temperature on all the trays even in the presence of ice cream beyond the edge of the tub.

Technical features:

  • Double ventilation for optimal storage temperature.
  • Horizontal modules that can be combined in two heights for multiple combinations.
  • In Total black and Total white. But also on the stage there are colors of your choice.
  • Internal or external motors with air or water condensation.
  • Innovative technology and design with great character.
  • Featured ice cream tray.
  • Anti-fog double glazing.
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