Design and production services for semi-finished products

Our many years of experience in the bar furniture sector allows us to give useful advice and information regarding the arrangement of the modules in the room, the division of spaces, and in determining the type of product to be used for the customer's needs.
Our technicians are also available to directly develop drawings, plans and estimates which will then be transformed into orders to be produced in STILTEK's internal factories.
Therefore a 0 km supply chain that avoids errors due to production steps external to the company and which optimizes the quality/price ratio and customer satisfaction.

Special and standard modules

In addition to normal standard production, STILTEK also creates, upon request, customized modules with extreme simplicity and versatility.
All modules are delivered already assembled and tested; it is sufficient to make the electrical and water connection (where required) and if necessary cover them with the desired aesthetics.

Moduli speciali e standard

Oltre alla normale produzione standard, STILTEK realizza, a richiesta, anche moduli su misura con estrema semplicità e versatilità.

Tutti i moduli vengono consegnati già montati e collaudati; è sufficiente effettuare il collegamento elettrico e idrico (ove richiesto) e se necessario rivestirli con l’estetica desiderata.


At the end of the production chain and processing, each individual module is tested with specific equipment to control quality and electrical conformity, so as to allow the issuing of the relevant safety certifications.

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