Workstation cocktail

Free way to imagination. configurable according to individual needs and taste, workstation is an inexhaustible source of suggestions. Pockets, rails, trays in a stainless steel frame. With experience everyone finds their own ideal configuration, but some rules are fixed. In the foreground are the main liqueurs used, the fruit for garnishing, the cutting board, small knives and other essential utensils.

The most common spirits for cocktails, fruit trays and juice rails are arranged here so that they can be reached simply by reaching out. In the center, the barman moves quickly in his colorful world.


  • Speed rack, in stainless steel, placed right in front of the barman, made up of shelves and pockets for bottles and rails.
  • Aimed at the bartender, it offers maximum ease and speed of manoeuvre.
  • Can be equipped for any customization.
  • Polished anodized aluminum and stainless steel tubular structure.
  • The top is equipped with a sink with mixer tap (only on the 150 cm module).
  • Central insulated ice tray with drain.
  • N.4 GN1/9 stainless steel trays, polyethylene cutting board, speed rack for bottles.
  • Tray with grid for storing glasses, lowered support for mixer/ice crusher.
  • Open compartments with removable bottom.
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