Rear Neutral Counter H95

Neutral base back counter with sliding doors in polished stainless steel and tubular structure in anodized aluminium, worktops in satin finish stainless steel, standard platform profile, cable gland on splashback, connection for splashback. Available in different lengths, depths and heights.

Retro Counter H100

Technology and Reliability

Compartments for dishwashers and neutral compartments entirely in stainless steel, with sectored bottom to facilitate water and electrical connections. Doors with aluminum frame with the possibility of customizing the material instead of stainless steel. Neutral drawers always in AISI 304 steel in line with the refrigerated ones.



Simply precious

The Alukuadro furnishing program, made with a tubular aluminum structure, allows you to personalize and rationalize any environment with infinite solutions.

One structure, shelves in many finishes

Container modules with shelves in different materials, glass, wood or steel allow a wide opportunity for customization.

Wall modules complete your furnishings

The multiplicity of shapes and materials of Alukuadro harmonize well with the already complete range of refrigerated and neutral bar counters.

Low modules become real complements

Tables, shelves and bookcases according to your needs and imagination add the exclusive touch of the environment.

Bar counter corners

Efficiency and Style

The series of bar counters includes a wide range of internal or external corners, to be connected to each other or with linear modules, allowing the creation of multiple arrangements. The range of internal and external corner modules, refrigerated and neutral, are made of stainless steel with a tubular aluminum structure, available in multiple sizes and various accessories.


Bar counter

Versatility and Robustness

Range of refrigerated and neutral modules made of stainless steel and tubular aluminum structure, available in multiple sizes and accompanied by a vast range of accessories.


Bar cells H770/820

Technology that lasts over time

Bar cell made of Aisi 304 stainless steel and polyurethane at 38/40 Kg/m3, made in a single piece without external joints, available in a wide range of lengths, depths and heights, with or without accessories and with different types of refrigeration.



Wall-Box is a line of refrigerated wall units specifically designed for the display and perfect refrigeration of drinks, pastries and cold gastronomy. the attention to detail, the high quality of the materials and the technology used make Wall-Box a reference product of its kind.


Workstation cocktail

Free way to imagination. configurable according to individual needs and taste, workstation is an inexhaustible source of suggestions. Pockets, rails, trays in a stainless steel frame. With experience everyone finds their own ideal configuration, but some rules are fixed. In the foreground are the main liqueurs used, the fruit for garnishing, the cutting board, small knives and other essential utensils.

The most common spirits for cocktails, fruit trays and juice rails are arranged here so that they can be reached simply by reaching out. In the center, the barman moves quickly in his colorful world.




Contains and best displays food on ice. highlights the quality of the product, makes it attractive and attracts attention. Furnishing element with important and scenographic lighting. The best of technology, essential design and unmistakable quality to give concrete answers to functional needs. because we give exceptional value to the customers and professionals who choose us.


Ice cream wells

Glycol wells represent the most traditional ice cream preservation system, in fact in ancient times a mixture of water and salt called 'brine' was used to conduct the cold which today is instead ensured by a mixture of water and edible glycol in the right proportion.
The ventilated wells represent the modern variant of the traditional wells.  The conduction of the cold is guaranteed by fans that move the air and distribute it uniformly around the cylinders.